Creating accurate budgets, forecasts and cash-flow reporting.

Whether you’re managing business growth or battling to prevent decline, accurate budgeting and forecasting can make the difference in recognising what works and what doesn’t. Accurate financial modelling can provide you with a simple excel spreadsheet that enables you to see the implications of hiring new staff, investing in technology or plant, moving to new premises, or indeed cutting back on distribution, all in minutes.

We can work with you to:

  • Provide quarterly or annual budgets/forecasts for business planning purposes.
  • Develop advanced financial planning models that fully integrate profit & loss, balance sheet and cashflow forecasts across multiple periods.
  • Use sensitivity analysis to run financial models across varying scenarios by changing revenue, margin, expenditure or growth assumptions.
  • Provide insight into key business critical factors by running financial models through loss-making, breakeven, profitable and highly profitable scenarios.
  • Produce cashflow forecasts to maximise the benefits of positive cash balances or to minimise the effect of negative cash balances.
  • For negative cash balances, we can help identify key pressure points to focus efforts on cash collection and management of creditors.
  • Prepare the financial sections of business plans for meetings with banks and other financiers.